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Have you noticed how nice it is to be able to see?          It is so easy to take that for granted

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Eyes ....    precious things.  I submit to you what it is like to go through the fight for site as seen through my eyes.... (so to speak)  On the next few pages I will tell you of what it was like to go through Cataract surgery, Lasik Laser surgery, Yag laser surgery and Epiretinal surgery.  Along with that I will offer you to experience what it was like in diary form after the epiretinal surgery.  I just completed the 6th time in the doctor's office under a knife or laser.   Mr. Milos Kalab  has offered his experiences also on his web site.  He has done a fine job of detailing his experience, an excellant  place to go to get another point of view and additional information as well as other contributor's experiences on his site.

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              Story of My Eyes