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R. Worthington and Associates (RWA) is a Dallas, Texas-based collection/recovery agency. Currently, We provide a full range of asset recovery and confirmation services, including storage of the recovered collateral. We provide photographs of the collateral and vehicle condition reports for your purposes. RWA achieves all these services with an unparalleled level of quality, while our commitment to customer satisfaction remains unrivaled.  

Asset Confirmation
RWA will become your outside collector and reclaim your valuable collateral. We will establish contact with the debtor and either obtain the necessary information or notify them to contact your office. If you need RWA to confirm the condition of your collateral, we will take the necessary action to provide you with this documentation.

Loan Loss Recovery
Our staff is trained in skip tracing, negotiations, and the art of collection. This training affords to RWA the ability to achieve outstanding collection and recovery ratios.

How can we help you?
RWA will protect your hard-earned profits by controlling the back door expense of nonpayment. We provide experts in recovery and repossession, giving to you the opportunity to increase your profits without increasing your service. We will perform the difficult and stressful task of debt collection and/or asset recovery, thus allowing you to focus on taking care of your customer's needs. We do so by accomplishing the following:
  • Remaining state bonded and licensed
  • Maintaining over $ 3.5 million in liability insurance coverage
  • Providing delivery to auction
  • Providing photographic imagery and condition reports on repossessed vehicles
  • Generating a diverse skill in repossessing cars, trucks, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and even aircraft.
  • We're confident that R. Worthington and Associates present a sound business organization that is committed to excellence. Your company can only benefit from the services we offer and you can rest assured that your interests are being handled at the highest professional standards in the recovery industry. We look forward to hearing from you.

     Our general region extends across Texas, but we are not limilted and can go anywhere. Contact us for more information.
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